Why cruising in a Covid world is smart

Lets be honest, you hire a luxury yacht for complete privacy and exclusivity

Now is the perfect time to pack your bags and as they say ” leave the world behind”. There is so much uncertainly in Australia and the world at the moment and I think it’s important in order to find peace to let go of the things we cannot control in our lives. Before I go into the benefits of an exclusive live aboard charter let me start by saying that without a doubt there is really no better time to pack your bags and explore what Australia has to offer, not only will you be blown away by the experience and the pure barefoot luxury we offer, it will certainly not go unnoticed from the businesses that have suffered over the last two years. Let’s support the Australian local and interstate travel industry. Now I have gotten that off my chest, let’s really start to dive into my backing behind such a confident statement presented – why cruising in a Covid world is smart! 

You might have noticed that we still have no solid plans to open up the Country to intertnational travel, over the last two year’s our exclusive clients that would normally have taken their family holiday overseas to cruise the Med on an exclusive Superyacht, have decided to enjoy the super yachts in the most stunning locations Australia has to offer, from the Whitsunday’s all the way up to the remote Lizard Island. What my clients have discovered is that the super yachts in Australia are to the same Superyacht industry standards as those overseas, therefore the same quality of super yachts on offer, providing the same high end services – from exclusive world renowned executive chefs, to internationally experienced and respected captains. What has also been very pleasing to our clients, is the price in Australia is substantially lower than that of a European market. Australia has also seen many new international super yachts relocate in Australia for many reasons.

My second very obvious point is that due to the international borders being closed, there is a whole lot less people around. You would usually be shoulder to shoulder with holidayers sitting on Whitehaven Beach, but now you find yourself completely spoilt with an almost empty beach. That line that would normally take an hour for your turn to dive, well now it’s down to five minutes. No more crowds, no more waiting around on holiday.

My third reasoning is that these luxury yachts and super yachts only accommodate the clients group during the charter, complete privacy and exclusivity. Not will all of your encounters be completely private, but the vessel itself is a much more hygienic space. Unlike the large resorts or hotels with a large number of turnover of guests, the turnover of clients is treated very differently and substantially less due to the niche market. There is a minimum three day period between charters, this is to ensure our crew have some time off and that the vessel itself gets a deep clean for the new guests. Instead of making your way to breakfast at a resort with a substantial amount of guests, your chief stewardess will have breakfast waiting for you on the aft deck, whist the fish swim up to say hello. The vessels also certified Covid safe and in line with the current government requirements. You can rest assured that this is certainly the safest way to holiday during the current climate. 

I think that absolutely settles it, cruising in a Covid world is the safest option our clientele has at the moment. We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon.